Thursday, June 5, 2014

To Clone Or Not To Clone...

Life can be as curious as a soap-opera at times.  If you don't believe me, begin with Please Quit Yapping, Benny, And Just Gimme A Needle And Thread!!! and just follow the links...

At this time, I'm at the library here in Anderson trying to catch up with days and days of activities in a matter of hours -- and I have my minivan parked (thankfully) in the shade so that somebody with stronger hands than mine can come along and help me to put water into it so that it just might not get to the temperature that makes it start causing me grief quite so quickly.

I still need to pick up Bud from Pinky's and need to find out what the heck is going on when it comes to the question of who will be repairing my minivan and when.  Hopefully, it will finally get repaired tomorrow.  However, I want absolutely NO bad surprises.

While I know that it might be a cruel thing to clone me (and I don't know how to do that anyway), I'm tempted to (if only I could) split up temporarily into about 25 of me with each one of us working on different tasks.

If I could, I think that I would have at least five of those doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom for me.

Of course, ALL 25 of me would be spending time with Larry.

Bet HE's relieved that I can't clone myself.

That's all for now...