Saturday, June 7, 2014

"...One Is Silver & The Other Gold..."

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this means that it houses a referral link.  This won't automatically join you to the site if clicked on, but I still wanted to let you know anyway...

When I was in 4H back in my youth, we had various songs we'd sing together.  One of them had the lyrics:

"Make new friends but keep the old.
One is silver and the other gold."

 Today, I'm getting a chance to get online for awhile and decided to visit Bubblews * only to find that it looked as if it had been run over by a train.  I also couldn't log into my account there.  Was this a temporary condition or a permanent one?

Thankfully, it was only a temporary condition, and things are doing great now.

However, I went to a Facebook group for people who, like myself, wrote for the site to see if this were my problem or a site glitch.

It was a site glitch--now corrected, which means that my old friend is now back-to-normal again!

However, this situation led me to check out a new, similar site called Persona Paper * so I would always have a place to not only write but, also, get paid for it!  As with Bubblews, my handle there is AinsleyJo1952.

These sites are so neat that I would, likely, keep writing for them even without the pay option (but don't tell them this, as I also need the money -- something that is becoming pretty darn important due to unfolding soap operas like the one I described here in my previous entry ).

For instance, here is where I'm at today:

Scheduled for a pressure test re: an antifreeze leak in about two hours.

Will probably have to leave cyberspace in a little over an hour in order to make sure that I get to my appointment on time (allowing for making sure that radiator is full and for any monkey business it might decide to perform).

After that, trying to both get and save money in relation to all of my stuff.

Oh yes!  Doing a pressure test (something in the field of $29.95) won't actually FIX my problem -- just analyze it so I can know more that needs to be fixed.

It has been running much better since I had my O2 Bank 1 Sensor replaced.  However, "much better" doesn't mean that it's in perfect running condition -- just that it was getting so pathetic in its operations that nearly anything seems like an improvement.

All in all, it does seem to have been helped by this sensor that I bought to the tune of fifty+ dollars once the tax had been figured in.

And so life goes on...and on...and on...

However, even with all of its visits by Lawyer Murphy, I see myself as being a really blessed person!!!

I'm pretty sure that I won't be back online tomorrow to add another post to this blog but should be by Tuesday at the latest and, hopefully, by Monday...

P.S. Here's my very first bit of writing at PP.  Hope you have already clicked on the previous link to join me there...