Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jim Ed Brown

"All the chapel bells were ringing..."

I only learned recently that Jim Ed Brown had passed away on June 11 of this year.

As I only watch TV when I'm watching somebody else's TV (usually, various ones of my neighbors), and my time on the Internet is limited, I can be out of the loop on some things, and this is one of them.

Anyway, this is a great time to write a tribute to Jim Ed Brown, as a lot is happening right around this time that reminds me of him.

For one thing, I can remember when special twin brothers (Mark & Steven/formerly, Jeff) jammed with him one day back in the summer of 1976 while they first played THIS and then THIS.  Meanwhile, I was taking pictures.  Unfortunately, I had the flash set wrong or something, so they didn't turn out.

Tomorrow (July 29, 2016) is when Mark & Steven will be turning 60!!!

I won't be online tomorrow, so I wanted to post my birthday wishes today.

Of course, I'm The President Of The Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness Fan Club, and one of the songs that Jim and his sisters recorded as The Browns reminds me of him.

It also won't be long before August.  My maternal grandpa (George Elmer "Greeley" Jobe) was born on August 20, 1872 and passed away on my first full day of first grade (August 31, 1959).  I feel a special connection to the children who came home from school on September 11, 2001 to find that, while they were having the time of their lives (at least, I was back in 1959, and at least some of the students were -- though, sadly, there are things these days like bullying that I didn't have to put up with), one or more people whom they dearly loved had passed away.

This song came out right around that time, and, when I heard it, I thought of my grandpa.  It had also been a rainy morning dark and gray back on August 31, 1959.

I could write more, but I need to sign off in order to get this posted, as I won't be back on again until Monday, August 1 -- and not for long then.

God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be in Anderson from the afternoon of August 1 until the evening of August 4, and I'll be having at least a bit more opportunity to get online, so I'll be seeing you again then.

I still have about nine minutes as I'm writing this...

Speaking of stats, Larry is in the 800,000s when it comes to his nearness to 13,000,000!  He's very thankful (and I am, too) to those of you who bring tabs (with or without cans attached) for his mission.  He couldn't do this without you!!!

"Just a lonely bell was ringing..."


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

An Angel Named Thomas, Etc.

I'm starting a story here on Tuesday, July 26, 2016...

I was just walking along the sidewalk on the south side of Main Street in Muncie, Indiana USA heading east.

Anyway, I decided that one thing I hoped to do was to give a shout-out to both Chesterfield's and The Downtown Farmstand.

I've mentioned them and tagged them in this entry about Larry -- who (as of when I talked to him this past Sunday night) was now 940,670 tabs away from 13,000,000 -- and, as he still had slews of tabs to count, should be significantly-closer by the time that I talk to him again on Wednesday.

What I'd planned on doing was to say something along the lines of how a couple of my favorite places to pamper my taste buds were on the south side of Main Street with Walnut and ? Streets being where these places acted like bookends.

I was pretty sure that the name of the other street was Mulberry, but I wanted to be sure.

Anyway, I'm going to post this much and continue it the next time I'm back at the library (which should be Thursday -- and I'll have some whole new stats for Larry by then)...

(to be continued)