Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Tribute To My Grandpa On The 143rd Anniversary Of His Birth

I'm still working on my progressive blog-entry ( Seven Things I Want To Share With You ) but wanted to take some time out to make a tribute to my grandpa on the 143rd anniversary of his birth.

This started out as a Tweet at Twitter that automatically posted at Facebook  ...

George Elmer "Greeley" Jobe
Celebrating 143rd ann. of Grandpa's birth w/one of our fav songs:

At this point, I used up my remaining character-per-Tweet allowance to post the url to link to the song:

  This Old House by Rosemary Clooney 1954 

Then, I went over to Facebook and started leaving comments to continue the story.

The first comment I left was...

What you would find Grandpa and me (along with my folks and anybody else who might be visiting us then) watching on most Saturday nights:

   An Episode Of Your Hit Parade That Aired In March Of 1954   

The next comment I left was...

Here are some more episodes of that memorable show:

 A Collection Of Several More Episodes Of Your Hit Parade  

About that time, I noticed that it was quickly heading towards 11 AM and that I needed to think about getting ready to head down to lunch so that I wouldn't miss it, so I left the following comment next...

Going to lunch now but will be back with more memories.

When I returned, I made a couple more posts (shown below) before beginning this blog-entry you're reading now...

After we watched  Your Hit Parade, this is what we watched next -- and, soon after that, it was bedtime.

A Collection Of Episodes Of Gunsmoke   

Johnny Cash & Family -- Will The Circle Be Unbroken  

After that, I began to think about a more permanent tribute and one that I could add to and more easily share, so I decided to build it here and give it room to expand even more.

As I want to be sure that this initial page will still be able to have the August 20, 2015 date on it, I'm going to go ahead and post this and add to it later.

(to be continued)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Seven Things I Want To Share With You

It's now almost 9:30 pm on Monday, August 17, 2015, and I've just brought my last blog-entry to an end after writing on it for over two weeks.  All I have to do is to go back in a little bit and link it to this one.  But here's the link back to it in case you haven't read it yet.


It's now five in the morning of August 18 with time quickly marching on -- meaning that the first of seven is going to be a slightly-belated birthday present. 

Last night I talked to Larry, and I was all stretched out on the sofa and snuggled up under a blanket while doing this and didn't feel like getting back up to get online again afterwards and ended up sleeping like a baby until this morning.

One of the things he told me during our conversation was where he was in his tab count:  227,300 away from reaching his 11,000,000th tab!!!

Anyway, this is going to be another one of those Roman type of blog-entires (that is, not getting finished in a mere day--though I doubt that it will have a construction time of over two weeks like the last one), so be sure to return to see what's been added over the next few days.

Speaking of this...There's going to be a time when CLICK HERE will turn into a hyperlink.  When it does (and, for anyone who is visiting this blog sometime in the future from when I'm writing this now, it will have already happened), it will lead to a history of my Internet life leading up to this time when I've just recently gotten reconnected at home, albeit a different home than where I was when I became disconnected at home back on June 22, 2013.

On this note, I'll close this introduction and get on with the business of sharing those seven things with you, one-by-one...

It's now drawing close to three in the afternoon of August 18, and this birthday present is getting to be more and more belated -- but better late than never.  Yesterday, a very special man turned 44 years old, and he and his family (wife, mother-in-law, and young daughter -- and a kitty-cat, too!) have been going through some very challenging times in spite of all of them doing their best to better their lives -- and they haven't given up trying!  Far from it!!!  They were recently pleasantly surprised when an angel named Shannon recently set up a GoFundMe account  for them with a goal of raising at least $500 to help them out.  Already, they have been able to benefit from this (as recipients don't have to wait until the entire goal amount has been raised before they can start using it).

Having told you all of this, I want to share my idea for a special birthday present for this really nice guy -- and it doesn't have to cost you a penny!  If you want to/are able to donate, that's great, as all donations are VERY welcome!

But there's something anybody with an Internet connection (and, of course, connections to Facebook and/or Twitter) can do.

At this time, the total funds raised have been $392, and two of the ways that the word has been spread are Shares to Facebook and Tweets to Twitter.  At this time, total shares stand at 50 made up of 49 FB Shares and 1 Twitter Tweet.

Let's have fun increasing those stats.  Besides its being really cool to watch the numbers change to higher and higher ones, this also works to get the site information out to where more people have a chance of seeing it with at least some of them turning out to be donors.

If everybody reading this would take part, I wonder what the stats would look like 24 hours from now...3 days from now...a week from now...and so on and so-forth.

And -- when viewed by the people who decide to take things to the next level by actually donating cash  -- I wonder what the cash amount stat will look like as well.

Let's get started!!! 


For some reason, Taco Bell's latest slogan used to advertise its breakfast sandwiches really cracks me up!  Does it have that same effect on you?  In case you haven't read or heard it yet (in my case, I hear it frequently on my most-listened-to radio station, WMDH), here's how it goes:

"Are you tired of eating breakfast sandwiches shaped like circles?!?" and, after that, a strong suggestion to grab a breakfast sandwich from Taco Bell.

I predict that this one is going to end up a classic -- right up there with this memorable 1980s hoot from Wendy's.

One more thing:  If anybody looking at this now lives/has lived at Gillespie Tower, I think they'll know what I mean when I say that three of our older ladies could be cast in those same roles from left to right: Dawn, Doris, and Jane. The latter (who would get the part of shouting those memorable words) could use a lot of prayer at this time when it comes to current (I'm writing this on August 18) health issues.  If you happen to be somebody coming here in the future, you're going to find all of their names hyperlinked to other writings, as they're all very special in their own ways, and I'd like for you to get to know them better! Don't worry, ladies!  I'm not going to rattle any skeletons in your closets (in case you actually even HAVE any) -- just let others know some of the reasons I think you're people who make a positive difference just by being you!

On that note, I'm going to sign off and get #3 ready.  It's under-construction right at the moment, but I hope to have it out there before long...


On Monday, August 31, 2015 just before I went to lunch, I grand-opened my Christian Walk blog, 7 If By Land & 7 If By Sea....  It's my prayer that its content will bless you many times over!!!

Stay tuned for what will be going here before long...

Stay tuned for what will be going here before long...

 Stay tuned for what will be going here before long...


Stay tuned for what will be going here before long...