Thursday, October 29, 2015


After reading this:

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I decided to write this:

TY, David Moffatt, for sharing this story. I've just spent most of my time in library today writing this just-in-case kind of thing!

I need to also mention here that Larry is just (as of our last conversation last night) just 14,905 away from his 11,000,000th tab saved for Ronald McDonald House since 2003!!!

Here are the plain and simple instructions should I pass soon:

I want my resting place to be in Cunot Cemetery where my dad is already laid to rest and my mom's cremains will be, too. The latter are currently in storage.

Due to having to put lots of memories from a hurried move in a place quickly, there is a lot in front of a chest in my most southward unit.

There are already people authorized to go in there.

The chest is on the left in front of a table with photos and nik-naks on it. Inside are (among other things) a plastic container with a rectangular box-shaped "urn" in it containing my mom's cremains.

My cremains will be whatever is left over from body donation. Even if my organs can't be used due to being found too late (say, in a case like this), my hair can still be used to go towards a wig for someone who is losing hair from something like a chemo treatment, and I think my bones will still be usable as well.

Cremate at least part of me to be laid to rest in Cunot, even if most all turns out to be usable. I'm talking about face donation, too.

If there are enough ashes, scatter at least an ash or two in these three places: 1. Methodist Church inside of Mammoth Cave (Historical Tour Route) where there are wonderful formations of the face of Jesus, a cross, an angel, and a pulpit where ministers have actually preached to a congregation. 2. Mixed with the grass over the place where Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness will eventually be laid to rest. 3. In the waters of Lake Michigan on Kemil Beach (Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore).

My cousins and godchildren can go through my photos, home movies, etc., and pick what is meaningful to them.

Other items can be sold, recycled, etc. Aluminum products can be divided up between Big Dave (how I'll identify him here) and Larry Van Ness -- with pop can tabs all going to Larry. Newspapers that won't sell for some kind of value or without clippings anyone wants to keep can be divided up between Big Dave & Larry.

Auction for anything that isn't something needing to go to family (photos, home movies, etc.) with what's earned being divided between Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana; Rose Njilo for her work in Tanzania I've often mentioned; Snoopy Puckett for closing down places that are called boot-camps but are places where already hurting kids are being bullied; Indiana School For The Blind (where my aunt went for her high school); Country Music Association/Country Music Hall Of Fame (where my aunt also wanted more of her things to go after she passed); Indianapolis 500 (another favorite place of Aunt Kate's earmarked for use of Indy 5 activities for kids in Riley Hospital); research for better treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa, Parkinson's, ALS, MS, & Alzheimer's. Food in my frig and pantry as well as things like cologne, soap, etc.donated to giving table in Community Room of Gillespie Tower (Muncie) and donated to Christian Center (Anderson).

Simple graveside service for both my mom and me with 23rd Psalm and Because He Lives; I've Been With Jesus; In The Garden; & How Great Thou Art.

Celebrate anything we (my mom, dad, and I) might have done to make a positive difference by paying it forward and giving the Glory To God!!!

Of course, I'm planning on seeing what it's like to turn 100 one of these days, but just writing this just in case.

One more thing: FULL CODE!!! No pulling the plug until I'm actually gone and DEFINITELY no euthanasia!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

They've Got Another Think Coming...

The latest news
is that
it's predicted
that we
won't be going to court
that this doesn't refer to
-- instead --


what's going to be happening
in this case,
I'm not going to be sitting still for this
I've had
playing a waiting game
That's all for now
That ain't all she's gonna write
Let's quit dragging our feet, peeps!!!