Monday, May 6, 2019

Today (And 51 Years Ago Today) I Am / Was Being EXTRA-Crazy!!!

Today, I'm feeling crazy enough to believe that Prince Harry and his Duchess, Meghan, just actually MIGHT decide to name their new little bundle-of-joy Larry.  Anyway, even if they don't decide to do this, they're DEFINITELY going to know that this even-cuter-than-a-rubber-duckie Anderson, Indiana icon shares the planet with them before the day is over.

This blog-entry is the sequel to the LAST one I wrote.

So -- as I've mentioned in the embedded Facebook post below -- I'm being extra-crazy on May 6, 2019.

However, I was DEFINITELY being crazy 51 years ago today (May 6, 1968) -- not to mention being at least a tad foolish as well.

Anyway, this seems as good of a time as any to include this story in my memoirs, so it should be completely written before the day is over, so check over there when you find the time throughout the day and see if it's up yet...

Dressed To Impress Tom Jones (Or Something Like That)