Thursday, July 30, 2015

Here We Go Again...

This blog-entry will be updated through this and the next two times I'm online -- other words, three sessions...

Today is Thursday, July 30, 2015

I have a little more than sixteen more minutes to be online as of this time...

The next time I'm online, I'm going to be writing more about this very special person, but I'll tell you this much right now:

There was more than one wonderful Larry at the Ronald McDonald House Pop Tab & Coin Drop this past July 17.  Of course, you know PLENTY about Larry Van Ness from me already, but I wanted to give at least an introduction to Louisiana's own Larry Lawrence and what he's up to:

Also, have I already mentioned about the influence that the first Larry has had on my life?  I've written about that here:

Will be writing more about that soon, too...

For now, however, I really DO need to go and share this...

I'm just going to say that the second session went from July 31 (when my goddaughter got me connected at home for the first time since June 22, 2013 -- that is, where I had my own address and my own computer at the very same time and doesn't include the brief period of time when I had a tablet and took it with me everywhere I went) and is still going here on August 17, as I've been making up for lost time and haven't really had sessions per se but, instead, just a kind of OneDayMeltingIntoAnother kind of experience.  But I'm going to draw this session to a close and go on to........

It's now late evening of August 17, and I'm about to draw this blog-entry to a close, coming back to put in a link to the next entry once I finish it.


Okay! I'm back!  It's now August 18, and Here's the promised link to the next entry!!!



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Posted On Tuesday To Be Finished On Thursday...

I started to put together a blog-entry two days ago but only ended up with enough time to put the general framework in.  Below is what the general framework of a blog-entry looks like (though I'll sometimes vary it to include more opening and/or closing graphics).  But this is what I got done -- just the framework.  I didn't even have enough time left to Tweet this to promise that I would be adding more to it in two days.  I don't have a lot of time even now, having gotten a late start to the library, but I have at least some.  Go beyond the below framework to read the update...

graphic goes here
body goes here
graphic goes here

Anyway, it's now Thursday on the next to last day of July 2015.

In order to get you more caught up, I'm going to share a link to the last post I made at Bubblews two days ago:

I got to the library a bit later than I'd originally planned on doing today due to visiting with a neighbor who is having some issues going on. 

When I got to the library, Cindy (the librarian), was busy -- and, then, I got busy, so I was getting some things done but didn't bother to get the headphones to continue to listen to the soundtrack I started listening to on Tuesday. 

But I'm listening now. 

I still won't get the whole thing listened to, but that's okay, as there's always the next time, and who can EVER listen TOO much to The Four Seasons with that adorable Frankie Valli!?!  LOL 

Actually, as there's so many other songs out there, I won't be neglecting them to listen to nothing but The Four Seasons, but I would LIKE to hear the entire YouTube soundtrack before I go on to something else, and it's going to take another session to do that, but that doesn't make me unhappy at all!!!

Having said that, I'm going to continue this in another post not yet written (but will be by the time you read this again)...

It has been written and posted...and will be added to through this and two more computer sessions...


Monday, July 27, 2015

The Monday After I Wrote Here Last

I'ts now the afternoon of Monday, July 27, 2015 --and, at this time (How cool!) 2:17.

Still trying to catch up with this 'n' that online.

In case you're just tuning in, this is where we were when I was here last:  Thursday, July 23 right up to when the computers all shut down before I even had a chance to log out of everything.  I think that I spent about two minutes tops on Facebook.

This link will take you to where I left off...

Of course, in order to see things like the rest of my playlist and other good stuff, you will have to click on the first link you come to.  The more links you click on, the more you'll see.  This is the best way to catch you up at this time.

I'm going to go ahead and post this blog-entry and will add to it from now (almost 2:30) until the computers begin to shut down (which can be as early as 5:30).

Not getting on Facebook for a little bit but plan to be on it off and on at least instead of being so "disciplined" that I end up not even having more than a couple of minutes on it...


It's 3:15, and I'm going over to FB for a little bit to see what's going on there.  I'll probably stay logged in but won't be there 100% of the time...

It's a little after 5:30, and it looks as if I spent most of my time over at Facebook -- but it was time well spent.  And I'll be back here again tomorrow.

THEN, I'll tell you how I spent my time at Facebook -- and TRY not to spend quite so much time ON it!  Or so I SAY!

Here's my Playlist for the day...actually no time to even post that, so I'm going to do it tomorrow...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

In The Computer Lab Of Muncie, Indiana's Downtown Library

This post is actually the sequel to this post:

Getting ready to go over to Bubblews now and do some writing before getting on Facebook in time to have some time at the latter before the computers shut down here until next Monday.

Music Playlist For This Part Of  My Time Online..

Simon And Garfunkel Greatest Hits (18 Songs Continuously)

The Best Songs Of America//America's Greatest Hits

Now, it's off to Facebook for the little time I have left.  Hopefully, I'll be back here again next Monday...

Memo To Facebook Peeps: Tweeting This First & Seeing You Later...

As I'm beginning to write this, it's a little bit after two in the afternoon on Thursday, July 23, 2015, and this is the second time I've been online after a lot of time away from the Internet due to a combo of the weather, having other things to do, and wanting to make sure that I didn't walk my shoes to death before going to Indy on July 17 to attend the annual Ronald McDonald House Pop Tab & Coin Drop (this being the 11th one to have been held) on Monument Circle.

Anyway, I was able to spend at least a little time in the library on Tuesday afternoon -- but less time than I'd originally planned to spend due to needing to get re-certified for how much rent I would be paying at Gillespie Tower come September (when I renew my lease).

As my S.S.I. was raised by a few dollars the first part of this year, my rent will be as well -- but it's still amazingly low and also includes such things as utilities, a furnished kitchen, most maintenance, and so on and so-forth.

I still want to (so far as long-run plans go) move back to the Anderson area, but I'm very happy with where I am right now and believe that this is where God wants me at this point in time.

At this time, I'm listening to an album (on YouTube) of The Fifth Dimension, and I believe I'm going to be listening to The Mamas & The Papas next.  If you want to listen with me, go here:

Anyway, I'm now (as of this writing) avoiding Facebook like the plague, because I won't get anything else accomplished if I go there first.  I think you know what I mean as a fellow FBer.

I want to write for Bubblews for awhile today before making it over to the very distracting FB.  

Therefore, I'm going to finish this entry, and Tweet it over you way.

Having said all of that, I'm going to share a few things with you...

This goes to my page on Bubblews:

This goes to the home page of Bubblews where you can find links to the writings of others who are using this great site to "Write Your World!"

This is my place at Twitter:


For those of you who aren't reading this due to discovering it on my FB Timeline, this link will take you there:

Four more things before I sign off...

1. Here's something I wrote about some of my favorite online sites:

2.  I'm now listening to The Mamas & The Papas, so here's the link to that album:

3.   If you're in Anderson, Indiana, be sure to take a drive on North Broadway in North Anderson and have a good chance of getting to beep & wave to our amazing CanMan (Larry Eugene Van Ness) -- and, if you have pop tabs (with or without their cans), be sure to give them to him and watch his face light up like a little kid's at Christmas.  He'll melt your heart!!!  You can read more about him by going here:

And -- last but not least...