Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Another Day In Paradise...

My angel friends are back from Alaska, and I'm staying with them again until the first of July.  At that time, it will be time for me to move on and get a change of scenery, and they're going to be spending some quality time with their grandson who is coping with the recent and unexpected death of his dad.

Right now, I'm at the library, and it seems as if things have been coming together pretty well when it comes to getting some things done that I needed to get done -- such as creating a virtual business/social card.

The big headache in my life right now has to do with my minivan.  It needs a new water pump (or, at least, that's what various friends who know a whole lot more than I do have been telling me).  It actually needs a whole lot of things done for its sick, little body, but I'm just focusing on what it will take to keep it taking me from Point A to Point B without blowing a gasket.

At this time, the repair will cost me around $150 (including work with the water pump being around $40 of that).  One of my friends offered to do the water pump for me, and, as far as I was concerned, he had it.  However, some unforeseen things have come up since then that have left me with the impression that this option (of having him to do the job) is no longer open to me.

Anyway, the job of repairing my water pump will go to the first person (with the know-how) who will be willing and able to do it pdq under the terms of trusting me to pay off the work in littles until I can finish paying off the work in bigs.

Of course, after the first of the month, I'll have a bit more money to spend on getting this done.  Even so...until I can generate some more cash...there's still the same situation of having to pay in installments.

That is...unless I can somehow get the money all at once.

I have the feeling that it won't be easy to do this around here -- which means that I'm probably going to have to go elsewhere to get this done.  Of course, that means that I'm going to have to drive very carefully and nurse my vehicle along so that I won't end up blowing a gasket and end up having to pay out a four-figure amount during the time when I can't even afford a three-figure amount.

This is one shining example of Catch 22.

For some reason, the keyboard I'm using is trying to develop rigor mortis on me, and I'm having to strike the keys as if they were on a harpsichord.

This tells me that I'd better be winding up this entry soon while I still can.

Anyway, this hasn't been too bad of a day.  I'm managing to get at least a few things accomplished --with one of those being trying to create a nice surprise for Larry.

And what's the surprise?

I'm not spilling the beans at this time...But, when it becomes reality, I'll be sure to share it here.

I hear that it's currently pouring down rain outside, so this is an absolutely perfect time to be in the library getting things done -- and I'm happy to report that my time on the computer has just been renewed for another 30 minutes!!!  YAY!!!

Anyway, I probably will end up wrapping up my library time a bit earlier, as I'd like to be able to make it out to the nursing home to visit with some friends I met there during the time that the son of the angel couple was in there for respite care while they were in Alaska.

They really enjoyed their trip, btw -- until the last when the airline connections ended up forcing them to give up two days in Alaska that they had expected to spend with their recently-widowed daughter and her family.

THEN when they got back to Indianapolis, some misinformation given to them that gave them the impression that there was no other way to claim their baggage than to board an escalator (which neither of them had any business riding -- an understatement) left the husband with a broken arm, a lot of bruises, AND some implications from one or more friends that he might end up being the proud owner of an airport before it was all over with.  LOL

This just might be a great place to end this entry, as this computer locked up like a snapping turtle a few minutes ago and has just come out of its trance...TTFN!!!