Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Entertaining Surprise!!!

This is what I've just posted at Facebook on my Timeline and in two   groups.  Now, I'm going to adapt it to here.  Hope you enjoy it...


I'm FINALLY getting my minivan fixed right as I'm sitting here typing this, thanks to some special angel friends who paid half (a loan to be paid back in doable amounts during August, September, and--if necessary--October) while I paid the other half this month.  So glad it's getting repaired before it REALLY ended up getting almost impossibly-sick!!!

Both Larry and Pinky made the decision to NEVER ride with me again until AJ's Groovy Igloo started behaving like a normal (whatever THAT is) minivan instead of a mule or donkey!  I've just coined a new word, but I'll share that with you later once I make it official!  You'll love it!!!

But -- back to my original train-of-thought -- I've been needing to park my minivan frequently to cool down a bit so that I don't crack a head gasket due to overheating which has been due to a leaky intake gasket (which, thankfully, costs a whole lot less to repair, though it isn't exactly penny candy category of finances.  LOL).

So, I decided to make Frisch's one of my places to park and go in to have some dessert in celebration of the repairs that were FINALLY going to be made.

I had just been to Larry's (a delightful spot, both in the way of good company and in being one more place where I could cool things down a bit -- even though he's a hottie, which meant that cooling things down only applied to my minivan and not to my heart), and I told him about how my ride would be going to the doctor's in the morning and that I felt like celebrating at Frisch's.  Even though he wasn't hungry, I asked if he wanted to come along and keep me company while I enjoyed dessert.

While the invitation sounded good to him, the transportation inspired a response of "Uh-UHH!  I'm not getting in that damn thing until you get it fixed!!!"

But, after we visited for awhile, I drove on over to Frisch's.

As I said, it was just one of those cases of thinking that it was a good time to enjoy a light snack (dessert and some ice water, as I knew I had other places where my money needed to be at this time so that I decided that I didn't want to use it for a meal on this particular evening) as a combo of celebrating a soon-to-be-working minivan; having something fun to do while cooling down my radiator; wishing one of the precious waitresses there the best with upcoming medical treatments (but she left before I had the chance to); and sharing my new business/social "card" with some of them.

I had no idea that live entertainment (no cover charge, either!) would be coming with the meal until some man who was leaving as I was about to enter told me that I'd picked a great time to come because there was some man in there singing and playing a guitar, and he was really good.

And that was how I was able to hear J T Sifuentes for the very first time!

Using (predominantly) his guitar and his voice (with other options such as harmonica and tambourine being put to use when needed), he performed a combination of soft pop and country songs during the time that I was in there.  Every one of the songs I heard was very well done, though I think my favorite one was his rendition of Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire.

Although there was no cover charge, he did have a pitcher close to him where people could volunteer to give him tips.  I gave him a dollar while knowing full well that he was worth a whole lot more than that.
Anyway, I would find out that this was his first performance at Frisch's and that people who come in on the first, second, and th ird Tuesday of every month from now on and into the forseeable future between the evening hours of six and nine will be in for a delightful evening.

I'm not sure if I'll be back at that time anymore this month, as the next Tuesday I'll probably be in the area will be the only one where he won't be there.  But, hopefully, I'll be right back at Frisch's come the first Tuesday in August.

I'm going to sign off here by saying that I don't know if this gentleman has any other regular engagements or not, but I want you to remember the name of J T Sifuentes in case you ever see it anywhere when you're in the mood to be entertained!