Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Because I Was Craving An Orange 39 Years Ago Today...

Of course, when you buy them by the bag, and/or at some place (such as a Mom & Pop stand) without a lot of overhead cost to run, you don't pay a dollar per orange these days.

However, that's about the average price of one at most convenience stores these days.

However, if you bought one at Ricker's and had one of their rewards cards, each adds up to where the next one you get after buying ten is free!

At Speedway, you can (with their own rewards card) get points for each one you buy and can, when you have enough, convert those points into same-as-cash when it comes to buying something from there.

But I can remember a time -- back in the summer of 1975 -- when it was either ten or twenty cents to get one out of the vending machine at our student center.

They were sooooooooooo YUMMY!!!

However, there was one little problem with vending machines -- and that was that they couldn't change a $20.

That, actually, was a blessing for me 39 years ago today!!!

I left for a much-needed road-trip on Independence Day.

Actually, it was still July 3 when I left, but I timed it so that, by the time that it was July 4, I would be out of Madison County -- a place where I'm not ready to burn bridges but still need to do repair work on some of them.

I have been on the road -- in a struggling minivan (fitting, as I'm also struggling) -- since then, and this trip has been good for me, as I've gotten a lot of things done that I've been wanting to do and am still in the process of doing so.

This won't be my last trip out of Madison County.  In fact, I also hope to be including other states in my road-tripping this summer as soon as both my minivan and my finances improve a bit.  However, it has been an interesting and good one -- even though it has also been one of tears as well as laughter.

I'll share more of it with you once I've returned to Madison County and am online again, but I wanted to share this story today...

Because I Was Craving An Orange 39 Years Ago Today...