Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Welcome To CampInsanity!!!

For various reasons, I've lately been thinking of having a T-Shirt made for me that reads:

I'M Refreshingly-Eccentric
YOU're Criminally-Insane
If you think that this quote is directed at you, it could be that (as Carly Simon sings) "You're so vain" that you think this quote is about you.
However, on the OTHER hand, perhaps, it IS.
All I can say is that, if the shoe fits, wear it--and go out to step in some cow patties!!!
As for CampInsanity ...
What can I say!?!
You've just got to read her to appreciate her--and you will!!!
Yep!  I said her.
CampInsanity is the nom de plume for a Canadian lady in her late sixties named Marilyn whose stories of childhood memories and other warm, fuzzy moments (such as how she's passing some of the same things she experienced during her growing-up years onto her grandkids now) will make you feel good all over if you read them.

I hope that you'll be getting over to see her soon, and that you'll also let your friends know about her!  She deserves it!!!
In other news, I've been preparing for a pretty major event this week.  I won't go into it now, but it's going to be major and will end up helping a lot of other people.  It kinda goes along with Lillian's Law.
In case you're wondering...my mushrooms were a hit with my angel friends!!!  And I can actually still taste them when I think about them!!!
Will, likely, be leaving here a bit early today, as I have some things to take care of in preparation for SHOWTIME!!! 
Yep! Another SHOWTIME!!!
You know, that was one of my mom's favorite expressions:  "It's Showtime!!!"
I have the feeling that my audience will be seeing a presentation that they'll have a hard time forgetting...and I'll be playing to mixed reviews...Enuf sed...
Just overheard this guy talking about Route 66 and Highway 40.  Remember those?  When I have more time, I'll be writing my own thoughts about them, so stay tuned--and DO get over to check out Marilyn's CampInsanity to find out how she came up with that nom de plume!!!