Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"There's Nothing To Do" Certainly Doesn't Apply To Me These Days!!!

Today is Wednesday -- ALL DAY!!!

I wanted to get this entry completely done before starting on a new post here, so this is part of the reason why it's been so long since I actually posted a new blog-entry.

Anyway, I think that what I wrote for Bubblews a little earlier today will further give you a glimpse of my life lately.

As you can see by reading what I wrote for Bubblews, I actually should be elsewhere instead of in front of a computer today.  Of course, I've come to learn that where I happen to be turns out to be just where I need to be, so I don't question it much anymore.  Just figure that God had other plans for me.

And things usually turn out better than they would have had I been where I thought I should be at a given time.  Of course, my days sometimes go just as I've mapped them out to go in my mind when I wake up. 

Anyway, life certainly isn't at all boring, to say the least...

There isn't even a whole lot of time to tell you about what's been happening lately, but here are some of the highlights of my life:

1.  Starting to take part in growing a community garden that will both actually provide some free produce for yours truly and with whomever I decide to share it as well as providing food for at least one or two missions/shelters in the area.

Not only that, but it has made a huge, overgrown lot look a whole lot better.

2.  Enjoyed a wonderful cookout on Monday of Memorial Day Weekend with a family who have been angels to me during this challenging time and a few other wonderful guests, including my own "adopted" sis, Pinky.  Larry was also invited, but he had a stomach bug and needed to stay close-to-home not only on that day but, also, on some other days at well.  He has made some helpful dietary changes (one being to cut down on the pop and potato chips and take time to eat more nutritious meals) and is already starting to feel much better.  He will still eat potato chips and drink pop but just not in the huge amounts that he had been.  I wonder how he stays so slender while eating all of that junk food...of course, he's a very active person, which probably accounts for a lot of it.  Like Uncle Kermit, he's never owned a car, and --even with accepting rides places from friends-- he still does a lot of walking to near-by places.  And, of course, he is out there in front of his place a lot bouncing around and waving at people driving by.

3.  As I mentioned in the Bubblews post I did earlier today, I'm also trying to downsize my storage.  My name is on a list for housing in another community, and I'm hoping to have my own place by no later than the start of summer.  Moving into my own place will definitely downsize the need for storage considerably -- perhaps, so that I can actually get by with having only one unit before all has been said and done.

Anyway, I'm just chuggin' and pluggin' along...

The way it looks now, I should be back online tomorrow.

For now, I'm going to tie up a few loose ends and leave Cyberspace to get back into the "real" world of more efficiently and economically organizing my "stuff."

I'll be getting paid (my S.S.I. check) on (I presume, since the last day of the month falls on Saturday) Friday, May 30, and can start paying some bills, debts, etc. and see what I have left.

For now, I have 69 cents in the bank; around a dime's worth of food stamps (which will be refilled on June 17); and some loose change -- and, for now, anyway, that's it!  Sounds bad, but it's not, as I have everything I need already between now and payday...

I'm a writer, but I definitely wouldn't be able to pass for a starving writer!  LOL  In fact, I really pigged out at that cookout.  Everything was so yummy--and the fellowship was even better than the food!!!

The angels hosting the cookout introduced me to Uncle Joshua, and I'll be seeing him again closer to Christmas.  He's an interesting person--even if he's kind of a cold, stiff guy.  That's all I'm going to say about Uncle Joshua for now!  Nope!  He's not a potential sweetheart -- and I've quit looking for one of those anyway!

On this note, I'll close...For now, anyway...