Monday, May 12, 2014

May, So Far, Seems To Be A Winning Month! (Part One)

Right now, I'm at a library I've been using to take care of business, and I'm getting close to running out of time to post anything else until another hour has passed.

The rule around here seems to be that you can have two hours (generally, divided into three sessions of this size: 60 minutes, 30 minutes, and 30 minutes) to use the computer.  After that, you have to wait until an hour goes by before you do another post.

I've just posted a post on Facebook concerning the condition of a local cemetery.  I wish that I had kept a copy of the post so that I can paste it in here.

However, it can be found over in this group (If You Grew Up In Pendleton, IN), if you want to read it:|!/groups/197027807024063/

And I think this might be a link that will take you to the post (got this from resharing it on my own Timeline):!/face.of.ainsleyjo

Anyway, my time is almost up for now.  I think what I'm going to do is to save this and continue writing on it when I get back online again in an hour or so...

Okay!!!  I'm back, and here is the next part...

Anyway, May has been a winning month, so far.

We're only into the 12th day of it, and, already, I've been pleased with how my life has been going.

It's been a very challenging time for me, but this month has found me continuing with the various improvements in my life, and this spring weather has been beautiful!

This past Thursday, I attended a meeting to try to right some wrongs.  I'm not going to use this blog to talk about that, but I'm sure that you can dig up the story on your own if you try hard enough.

Anyway, I believe my late, great uncle (Finley Jobe--known in various softball venues for his pitching ability) is, likely, proud of his left-handed niece when it comes to pitching pennies these days! LOL  Enuf sed (for now).

Had a celebration lunch at Frisches Big Boy with a certain beyond-amazing guy who gets mentioned a lot in various ones of my posts.  This took place on Saturday!

On Sunday, my "adopted" sis, Pinky, and I hung out for awhile and first caused a little excitement at the place where I'm storing part of what I managed to take with me right before becoming homeless last September.  Then, we caused a little excitement at the local Taco Bell due to how silly I was acting.  What can I say!?!  I was just so stoked about how things were going that I just couldn't help being even more goofy than usual.  And I also managed to win some free food while playing games to raise funds for making graduation from high school more realistic for various ones of our young people.

After we were finished at Taco Bell, we took a drive to look at my old grade school (Fall Creek Heights Elementary).  Still don't know what's going on there (as in what the building will be once it's renovated), but it certainly does look beautiful!!!  Fellow FCH Yellow Jackets:  You can celebrate that our old alma mater is still standing and getting ready for another phase of its life!!!  YAY!!!

Here's the last thing I wrote for Bubblews (to date), and I think it pretty much sums up why its so important to Write Your World.

Since it's almost time for the library to close, I'm not sure if I will be writing any more recent posts.  Will, likely, save that for tomorrow.

Anyway, it has been one busy time for me. 

To be continued in the next entry...