Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Showtime!!!

After a long, cold, and snowy winter, spring has finally come to my part of The Hoosier State, and it's beautiful!!!

Several people have been under the impression that the winter with its extremely low temperatures, high amounts of snow, and few breaks in the sameness of the weather report was a sign of global that one by me again!?!

One of my friends said that, actually, this kind of a winter was long overdue in happening, and that it would result in a more beautiful year ahead with greener grass, lovelier blossoms, etc. as well as fewer mosquitoes in the summer.

Although another friend (Larry -- You'll be reading his name a lot in this blog as well as in my neck of the Bubblews woods, I can safely predict..) has already been complaining of being bitten on the legs while he's trying to sleep by something that he doesn't believe is a bunch of bedbugs, and he suspects (as I do) that a few of those annoying, flying pests have already made themselves known here in early May--though Shawn is probably right that there might not be as many of them as there might have been without that consistently-cold-and-snowy winter.

Anyway, I don't think that there will be any snow around here again for a few months -- except for such occasions when DASH might be playing an oldie by Hank Snow on his Saturday morning country oldies show on NASH 102.5 FM (a.k.a. WMDH, which is a really neat country station coming out of New Castle and Muncie).

You know?  That's kinda poetic when you think about it:  DASH on NASH!!!

One more thing...

Morel mushrooms seem to be out in all of their glory this year--and I've hit it lucky to where I'm staying with friends, and somebody brought them a mess!  They have no idea how to prepare this kind of wild mushroom, but guess who does and is going to be fixing them for them tonight!  I suspect that the cook will also be getting a share of the finished product!!!  LOL

At this time, it's best for these friends to remain anonymous, but I can tell you this much:  They're angels!!!

On this note, I'll close, put a few more finishing touches on this blog, and finally open it to the public!!!

If you're reading this, it means that the blog is now open to the public, so I hope you'll be back often to check for new entries.

As I don't have my personal computer and have to use public ones, I might not be on here every single day.  However, I'll do my best not to be a stranger!

Have a blessed day!!!