Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Tribute To Three Angels & Other News

For starters...There was going to be a Part Two to the last entry I made here.  There still is, but it will be delayed for a time -- at least until I get this tribute written as well as catching you up on some other things as well.

As this is being written, you will notice that there are parts of it that's in boldface.  In time, all of them will turn into hyperlinks.  When all of them turn into hyperlinks, then, this entry is finished.

Among the people who passed away last week (the second week in May of 2014), there are three very special gentlemen ranging in age from 82 to 92 whom I'd like to honor at this time and share my own memories of them as well as how their batons will continue to be passed on to those of us left behind, and it's up to us re: what to do with them...


William H. "Bill" Hardacre

Charles I. "Charlie" Hall

Dr. William C. "Bill" Gommell

As you can see from reading the following posts, I've been both very busy and have also been experiencing more than my share of computer frustrations...

!!! Today Of All Days !!!

Ummmmmmm...Duh!?! Funny, But I Haven't Noticed...

Today Is Monday -- All Day!

I believe that this is a good place to end this entry or else it will become too involved and weighed-down.  Already, I have new news to report, but it will just have to wait for the next entry to be written, which will be the aforementioned Part Two...