Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Posted On Tuesday To Be Finished On Thursday...

I started to put together a blog-entry two days ago but only ended up with enough time to put the general framework in.  Below is what the general framework of a blog-entry looks like (though I'll sometimes vary it to include more opening and/or closing graphics).  But this is what I got done -- just the framework.  I didn't even have enough time left to Tweet this to promise that I would be adding more to it in two days.  I don't have a lot of time even now, having gotten a late start to the library, but I have at least some.  Go beyond the below framework to read the update...

graphic goes here
body goes here
graphic goes here

Anyway, it's now Thursday on the next to last day of July 2015.

In order to get you more caught up, I'm going to share a link to the last post I made at Bubblews two days ago:


I got to the library a bit later than I'd originally planned on doing today due to visiting with a neighbor who is having some issues going on. 

When I got to the library, Cindy (the librarian), was busy -- and, then, I got busy, so I was getting some things done but didn't bother to get the headphones to continue to listen to the soundtrack I started listening to on Tuesday. 

But I'm listening now. 

I still won't get the whole thing listened to, but that's okay, as there's always the next time, and who can EVER listen TOO much to The Four Seasons with that adorable Frankie Valli!?!  LOL 

Actually, as there's so many other songs out there, I won't be neglecting them to listen to nothing but The Four Seasons, but I would LIKE to hear the entire YouTube soundtrack before I go on to something else, and it's going to take another session to do that, but that doesn't make me unhappy at all!!!

Having said that, I'm going to continue this in another post not yet written (but will be by the time you read this again)...

It has been written and posted...and will be added to through this and two more computer sessions...