Thursday, May 14, 2015

Moments In Time

Today, I had hoped to get a whole lot more done at the library, but this is the third (!!!THIRD!!!) computer I've been on today here at the library.

Sometimes, technology reminds me of a yapping teacup chihuahua who is trying to remind the world that he's a doberman trapped a tiny body -- only, in the case of technology, it's anything but a "cute" thing.

There are those times when computers are also trying to prove a point:  that they are (in their estimation) much more clever than we mere mortals.

I don't even have time to go into what all they've been doing, but they've been delaying me in projects -- though I must confess that I've been doing a great job of it myself by getting sidetracked socializing.

Anyway, I'm doing a tribute to Russell Thomas Hartsaw today, because he was born 74 years ago today, and he's a really special person who's worth remembering.

But part of our story has a location at a place called Judy's Book, so I took a trip over to see if it still existed and found this portfolio containing several of the pieces I wrote there.

They really took me back in time nine years with a lot of them being written about people, places, and things in my hometown of Anderson, Indiana.

It all seems like a different time now that's so long ago yet seems like only yesterday.

The profile picture you see of me was taken with my dad when I was two years old.

Enjoy..and I should have the tribute to Russell posted shortly...