Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Interlude/Intermission/The Bridge/Whatever...

Today (a.k.a. August 30, 2016) is the last day to be online here at the library in downtown Muncie before going over to Anderson for a visit that will last a bit over a week.

God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be leaving on the afternoon Miller Bus on the first day of September and will be returning to Muncie on Saturday evening, September 10.  During my stay, I'm hoping to get online for several hours each day with the exception of September 4 & 5, as, even if the library is open on Sunday, the city buses won't be running to take me from one destination to another -- and, of course, Monday will be Labor Day.

Anyway, the last time I was here, I wrote a blog-entry called I've Got Your Number!  -- Or Do I!?!.......  and said I'd be writing the sequel to it the next time I was online.

Actually, I was expecting to be back online two days from then (weather permitting -- which it wasn't!).  I was definitely expecting to be back online yesterday, as I also had been invited to go to a presentation by Anthem that would include both a question-and-answer session and a free meal.  The timing was just perfect for getting both things done.  However, not only was it too puddly from heavy Sunday night rains, but I also had the squirts!  Best to stay home.

Actually, I only had one session of the squirts on Monday morning, but I wasn't taking any chances.  Besides -- squirts or no squirts -- there were still the puddles.

I have to be careful of what kind of punishment I put my current shoes through, as they're literally on their last legs:  MINE--because I doubt if anybody else would want me to hand them down to her or him.  What I'll probably do is to keep them for the memories (but more on the story of my shoes another time).

Anyway -- to make a long story short/shorter -- I'm going to write the sequel sometime after I'm over in Anderson.  You can just think of this as a kind of Interlude or Bridge -- or, you can think of it as Intermission time between Part One and Part Two.

First off, here's some new business on Lovable Larry:

For starters, the last time I reported his stats here, he was 756,530 away from collecting 13,000,000 tabs for the local Ronald McDonald House (something, as quite a few of you already know, he began doing in 2003 -- and he's very grateful to his ever-growing family who has helped to make this possible).

Today, I'm going to give you his latest stats:  729,935 away  -- at least I believe I remembered this correctly.  If not, no major problem, as, by now, the number has gotten even smaller!!!

Anyway, I have a little over an hour to be online now, and here are some of the things I hope to get finished today:

1.  Friend a very precious neighbor named Janice who told me that she's also on Facebook.

2.  Touch bases with at least a handful of my Facebook friends.

3.  Hopefully, actually make an entry in the blog I've created for him at my website -- but I think that this will probably be something I'll do when I get over in Anderson -- though it might be good to go ahead and do this, as I recently mailed a letter to Larry and wrote all over the back of it encouraging people (anybody in the post office who might happen to see all of the scribbling I did) to go to my website to find out more about him.  Hmmmmmm....Maybe, I'd better do this after Friending Janice...Decisions...Decisions...Decisions.............

4.  Anyway, I want to try to find the cute picture that this one lady posted of Larry where she told him to look pitiful so that people will send more tabs his way.  He told me that the problem was that -- while he was trying to look pitiful -- he kept busting out laughing!  LOLOLOLOL

On this note, I'll close...