Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I've Got Your Number! -- Or Do I!?!.......

I've always been good with stats.

The stats you've probably seen a lot of lately are the ones following the progress of Larry "The CanMan" Van Ness  (This video of him is priceless!!!).  As I posted yesterday on Twitter (which I've set to get passed on to Facebook), his last report to me is that he was 756,530 away from his 13,000,000th tab saved for the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis, Indiana since he began doing this in 2003.

Of course, he was planning to count even more tabs that very night (Sunday, August 21, 2016), and I'm sure that he's counted considerably more by now.

He hit the 12,000,000 milestone on Tuesday, July 12, 2016.  It would be neat if he could get to his 13,000,000th one by or before he goes down to Indy (likely, in early December) to the annual holiday open house.  Do you think that he can reach that milestone by or before Thanksgiving?

However -- as good as I usually am with stats -- I made a couple of mistakes here lately that need to be corrected.

The first time had to do with a special friend for over 30 years (George Joseph "Joe" Armstrong) who passed away unexpectedly (to me, anyway) this past May 10.  August 18 would have been his birthday, so I did a Twitter tribute to him.  However, I listed him as being born in 1958 instead of 1957.

I'm going to repost my Tweet again here with the mistake corrected...

George Joseph "Joe" Armstrong August 18, 1957 - May 10, 2016 Very much missed and thought of a lot!

I added this video to it then and will do the same now...

On August 22, my goddaughter's older daughter and firstborn child, Macie, turned 20.  In her case, I aged her a year.  I'm going to correct that mistake now by putting up a copy of the Tweet with a correction...

Happy 20th, Macie! Married with little ones! I remember both your and your mother's early years. Time flies!

Here's a link to the video that goes with this wish...

And, now, I have at least two people I want to wish "Happy Birthday With Love!"

There's Sean who turns 23 today.  I can still remember the first Sunday after he was born when his dad, Dennis, -- who was our minister at the time-- left a message on the letterboard located on the landing of the stairs leading to our sanctuary:


More on this wonderful family in a future post!!!

The other one is named Gary, and he's been special to me for nearly 46 years.  He and I dated for most of my senior year in high school and have remained friends.  There have been times when we've even gone for years without seeing each other -- though it usually isn't that many years at a time.  There are several songs that remind me of him, and I'm going to share a few of them and why...

We were fixed up as a blind date by mutual friends, and our first date began at a Wednesday night Youth Fellowship meeting at my church.  There was music playing in the background, and he mentioned really liking this one, and I told him that I did, too.  Then, he gave me a big hug.  After Youth Fellowship, we drove back to spend the rest of the date with his getting to know my mom and dad.

The next morning, he called me and told me that he wanted to dedicate a song to me, and this was it.

One of my pet names for him was "my sweetness."  I came up with it on my own, but, then, we noticed that it was in this song.

When a classic movie appeared on TV shortly after we began dating, we watched it together.  By the time that my senior prom rolled around, I realized that we'd be better off not ending up married to each other but, still, staying friends.  Even so, he wanted to be my prom date (and vice-versa) -- and that wasn't even discouraged by his having to shave his goatee in order to meet up with Pendleton Heights High School's dress code back in the spring of 1971.  I requested the band to play this two-song number from the movie, and we danced to it.

I was going to write a lot more, but I'm running out of time, so I'm going to continue this the next time I'm online.