Saturday, September 3, 2016


Read my previous post here, and it will give you some idea of what I mean by giving up -- or, at least, what has gone into inspiring me to give up...

Anyway, in my last post, I told you that my next post would be a sequel to what I had written before that.

The update to this is that I'll, hopefully, get around to writing that sequel, but life just keeps on happening, so I'm going to focus now on talking about what has happened most recently.

I'm not even going to do it in this post -- will just tell you that I'm going to be doing this with a minimum of a couple of posts (at the VERY least!!! -- before I get back to writing the sequel.

First off, I was running out of time in the library yesterday when I came across this incredible song collection.  I was able to start playing it yesterday, but I wanted to hear the whole thing, so I said that I would be listening it "tomorrow" (which is now "today") while I'm writing here.

That's at least promise I've been able to keep right on time, as I'm listening to it now!  I'm assuming that I'll be able to hear the entire collection before I get unexpectedly-distracted.

Anyway -- to make a long story short -- I'm going to give up to writing the sequel at this time and go with newer business.

Will I write the sequel today?  God only knows, and He's not telling!!!

Anyway  -- God willing and the creek don't rise -- I plan to write several different pieces today to post in various places, and I'll be sharing them with a Tweet (which gets simulcasted at Twitter and Facebook) as I get them finished and posted.

I'll probably also be posting other Tweets not connected to links of any kind as well as posting directly to Facebook.

Before I do all of that, I'm going to go ahead and post this blog-entry.

If you're viewing it, that means that it's been published!  LOL

Also, I'll be interacting at Facebook between creating posts.

In short, it's going to be a busy day.

It's now almost eleven in the morning, and the library is open until 5:30 -- but I'll only be online until a little before three in the afternoon, as the last bus of the day leaves the terminal at ten after three.

That will be the last time that I'll be online at the library until this coming Tuesday.

I've been sent a new (upgraded) version of my cell phone.  It's now waiting for me in my Anderson post office box.  I'm planning on picking up my mail on Tuesday and, then, taking all of the necessary steps to help my original version to pass the "baton" over to its replacement.

Already, I've copied my calling list onto paper so that I'll be able to easily get it displayed on my new phone.  Some things (e.g. my phone number, voicemail messages, minutes, etc.) will automatically travel from one phone to the other.  However, my address book isn't one of those things.

It sounds as if I'll be able to take pictures with my new phone and share them on social media sites, in email, etc., so I'm looking forward to that.

Even so, I'm not going to give up the old way of doing things.  Star Photo will still be getting my business when it comes to developing traditional pictures from film -- which brings up something that I have going on there.

Over a year ago, I asked the owners if something like this was possible, and they said that it was.

You see, I have several rolls of film containing pictures that I've taken but ended up not being able to afford to get developed.

So, what I asked was if something could be set up that would be along the lines of a wedding gift registry -- only it would be cash put on my account that I could use to get the rolls of film developed.

Once I get caught up, I'd write another announcement at various places to let people know -- and any extra left over in my account would go towards helping other people in similar situations to get their film developed.

In my opinion, it's important that we preserve our history.

Anyway, if you ever want to put something on my account, just let them know that it's to go to the account of Ainsley Jo Phillips.

At this point, it's gone from being a little before eleven in the morning to being a little after it.

And it's time to quit "blabbering" -- this being a word I first heard spoken by the amazing Russell Thomas Hartsaw (now, deceased -- MURDERED!!!) about it here.

So, this should be posting very shortly just as soon as I put the finishing touches on it and send it on its way.

Speaking of Russell, there's a special tribute to him and the difference he made in the lives of at-risk youth that I've been inspired to write for a very long time -- and, especially, since December of 2014.

This coming week -- again, God willing and the creek don't rise -- I'm going to have the chance to get online at least some every day except for tomorrow and Monday.  Therefore, I'll, hopefully, get at least somewhat caught up...we can only hope....................