Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Tribute To My Grandpa On The 143rd Anniversary Of His Birth

I'm still working on my progressive blog-entry ( Seven Things I Want To Share With You ) but wanted to take some time out to make a tribute to my grandpa on the 143rd anniversary of his birth.

This started out as a Tweet at Twitter that automatically posted at Facebook  ...

George Elmer "Greeley" Jobe
Celebrating 143rd ann. of Grandpa's birth w/one of our fav songs:

At this point, I used up my remaining character-per-Tweet allowance to post the url to link to the song:

  This Old House by Rosemary Clooney 1954 

Then, I went over to Facebook and started leaving comments to continue the story.

The first comment I left was...

What you would find Grandpa and me (along with my folks and anybody else who might be visiting us then) watching on most Saturday nights:

   An Episode Of Your Hit Parade That Aired In March Of 1954   

The next comment I left was...

Here are some more episodes of that memorable show:

 A Collection Of Several More Episodes Of Your Hit Parade  

About that time, I noticed that it was quickly heading towards 11 AM and that I needed to think about getting ready to head down to lunch so that I wouldn't miss it, so I left the following comment next...

Going to lunch now but will be back with more memories.

When I returned, I made a couple more posts (shown below) before beginning this blog-entry you're reading now...

After we watched  Your Hit Parade, this is what we watched next -- and, soon after that, it was bedtime.

A Collection Of Episodes Of Gunsmoke   

Johnny Cash & Family -- Will The Circle Be Unbroken  

After that, I began to think about a more permanent tribute and one that I could add to and more easily share, so I decided to build it here and give it room to expand even more.

As I want to be sure that this initial page will still be able to have the August 20, 2015 date on it, I'm going to go ahead and post this and add to it later.

(to be continued)