Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And This Is How He Looks When He Waves!!!

Here is another picture of my favorite CanMan to go along with the one I shared with you a few days ago...

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Enjoy the view!!!

One more thing: If you click on either picture, you'll get introduced to my picture developer, Star Photo, which is one of Anderson, Indiana's local family businesses.

When I have more time, I'll share more with you about the history of what started out as Star China and now is totally-devoted to various kinds of media.

Long before they had this online presence, they had (as they still do) a physical business on the southeast corner of 9th and Main Streets.

You won't be automatically signed up to anything -- just shown information about what they have to offer.

I've only recently gotten back to taking film there, as my budget wasn't allowing for either buying new disposable cameras or developing rolls of film.  In fact, I have several rolls of film in need of developing that, hopefully, will still be good.  Star Photo won't develop photos that are duds.

They'll be getting my business when I'm able to afford to start going back and developing rolls of film.  This will all come in God's good timing and according to His will.

For now, I'm moving forward and starting to capture the new parts of my life such as Larry and Betty...